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Chance To Be Part Of Project Albion

ASSAP (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) in partnership with Mysterious Britain & Ireland is opening up its long running Project Albion to enable members of the public to directly contribute towards it.

Project Albion is ASSAP’s ongoing census of the paranormal, an attempt to record the full spectrum of anomalies, past and present, within their geographical, as well as historical, context.

This is your opportunity to ensure that the legends, folklore, traditions and strange experiences from your neighbourhood are recorded and preserved for future generations.

If this appeals to you, please review the following guide to Project Albion. You can e-mail the information directly through to for inclusion in a forthcoming Albion Database and in the meantime it may be included on the Mysterious Britain & Ireland website.

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Green stone mace found in thames

A friend who stayed at my home,(3 years) near the Thames, discovered a perfect large green stone mace in 2012. He took the mace to the British Museum and was told that a similar Mace head had been found near mortlake...He took the mace with him and has made a handle etc. He says he has taken the mace to stone henge and along the thames, and has reported back that he wants to visit with me before he takes it to the Museum...I think that the mace was an offering to the Thames and should have remained there...His wealthy friends say he shoud keep the Mace,....Im uncomfortable with the fact that the british museum is sponsored by BP and shell oil and controlled by the british Government....If this Mace head was an offering to the Thames and possibly used in a Human offering to the Thames and left there...I feel uncomfortable with this and ask if anyone could advise on the symbolism of these incredible artifacts...Any Advise or suggestions.

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Re: Green stone mace found in thames

Whilst I cannot comment on the status of the British Museum, I am strongly inclined to agree with your view, which is that the artefact should be returned to the river.      I have an inner feeling that this was in the first instance (whenever when?) intended as a votary offering to the river god as percieved at that time.

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Re: Chance To Be Part Of Project Albion

Most museums are government sponsored and have to get donations on top.  They are custodians of our priceless heritage and are there for all to see.  I would like to point out that museums are baring the brunt of the cuts and museum staff are fighting to stop this.  They may be government sponsored  but they don't toe the line.  As for other sponsership, you will find that such companies as BP give money to many charities including environmental ones.  Unfortunatly to keep museums open and charities running the money has to come from somewhere.
As far as artifacts go some metal detectorists are quite happy to dig up what you would consider sacred objects and sell them to the highest bidder.  They do not care if they dig up temple sites they just want to make money.  The objects they dig up are then sold to private collectors and no body else gets to see them.  I would rather that these artifacts be in a museum for all of us to see. The mace head may or may not have been a ritual object.  Beliefs change.  What was a votive offering in the Neolithic is dredged or dug up and used as a lucky charm by the Romans.  The reuse of artifacts is known of in the archaeological record.  The reuse of objects sacred or otherwise has been going on for thousands of years.



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