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Lake Memphremagog

Lake Memphremagog (meaning "where there is a big expanse of water" in native Algonkian) is a thin twenty seven mile long freshwater glacial lake which some believe is the home to a huge serpent like creature known as Memphré. Lake Memphremagog spans across the border between Canada and the United States of America. Seventy three percent of the lakes surface are is in Quebec, Canada, with the reaming situated in Vermont, USA.

The creature seems to to be well established in local folklore and tales of the local Indians sighting the serpent have emerged since the earliest contact with white settlers in the 18th century.

1961 – A partially submerged 13m long black creature was seen by two fishermen as it past their boat at a distance of 200m.

September 1994 – A large black creature measuring 30 - 50 feet in length (sources vary) was seen by four witnesses. They described it as having three humps and the witnesses were split between two boats. The creature swam under one of the boats and vanished into the depths of the lake.

July 1996 – (1900hrs) Four people witnessed a creature for over a minute. It was described as being 20 foot long and having humps.

Research from Sonia Bolduc of the University of Sherbrooke shows there are as many as 215 documented sightings up to 1997.

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