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Dolores Cannon UK and Ireland Tour 2011

Dolores Cannon, World’s foremost pioneering Past Life Regressionist, author of 17 books and owner of publishing company Ozark Mountain is visiting the UK and Ireland for a tour in August and September 2011. In what will be part of her last major World tour, Dolores will appear in a variety of different types of events. See below for details of places and dates.

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About Dolores:
Dolores works extensively in the field of hypnosis and paranormal research, and travels all over the world to lecture and do workshops. In between, she teaches a powerful induction method to other hypnotherapists, which she developed over a period of 25 years. This method has resulted in many spontaneous healings and the technique she has developed is called Quantum Healing TM

Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s. She has been specializing in past-life therapy snce 1979.

Her first two books, "Jesus and the Essenes" and "They Walked with Jesus" are considered classics in the life of Jesus and translated into many languages.

She has written four books dealing with abductees and UFO research. Dolores has worked extensively as a hypnotist with abductees. Her book "The Custodians" contains theories that no other UFO investigators have come up with. It deals with travelling through other dimensions. Dolores believes she has the answers to all of the questions people are asking about UFOs. Dolores is in the UK and Ireland from August this year to promote her new book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. In this book, she gathers together information that has come from many hundreds of hypnosis subjects who all share knowledge about the changes we can expect to see on Earth, the meaning of 2012 as well as the bond we share having all come from the same place: some call it the Source, others, God.

Dolores says she found much of her work in hypnosis deals with history and the research of history as it is occurring. It's like time travel. She considers herself a reporter, a researcher and the accumulator of lost knowledge. Dolores is now teaching her unique technique of hypnosis all over the world.

This year, Dolores will appear at a wide variety of Events including:Evening Workshops where attendees will be treated to a Group Regression to catch a glimpse of a Past Life

Gala Dinner with Dolores for a chance to meet her, hear her speak and ask her questions in a relaxed intimate setting.

Sacred England Tour, taking in famous UK Sacred Sites Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury. Dolores has written a great deal on the origins of Stonehenge, crop circles and the links between Jesus and Glastonbury.

Mystical Ireland Tour Including Dublin, older than the pyramids Newgrange and the famed Spirit Store, in Ireland’s spiritual heartland.

A Day-long seminar with more in-depth discussion on 2012 including Past Life Regression therapist and teachers Hazel Newton and Stephanie Bell.

Intensive Training Workshops for students wishing to learn Dolores’ Quantum Healing Technique TM

• Dublin 23/8
• Newgrange/Dundalk 26/8
• Bournemouth 30/8
• Cardiff 31/8
• Bristol 2/9
• Glastonbury , Stonehenge and Avebury 3-4/9
• Birmingham 5/9
• Manchester 7/9
• Edinburgh 9/9
• London 11/9 and 13/9
• Farringdon, Oxfordshire 15—18/9 (Training Workshops)



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