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Freezing Hill, Bath

Landsdown Hill, Tog Hill and Freezing Hill were the site of the English Civil War Battle of Lansdowne (Lansdown), which was fought on 5 July 1643. The Parliamentarian force under Sir William Waller (Born C 1597 – Died 19 September 1668) was forced to retreat by the Royalist troops led by Lord Ralph Hopton, 1st Baron Hopton (Born March 1596 – Died September 1652). Waller retreated to Bath, but Hopton could not press the attack as on the day after the battle one of his ammunition carts exploded and temporarily blinded him.

There is a linear eathworth known as Royal Camp, or Old Dyke on Freezing Hill which possibly dates from the Iron Age.

It has been suggested that appartions of 17th century figures have been seen on Freezing Hill.

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