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Landsdown Crescent, Bath

Designed by John Palmer (Born 1738 – Died 19 July 1817), Lansdown Crescent is great example of Georgian architecture. Made up of twenty houses built between 1789 and 1793, Lansdown Crescent is Grade I. In 1897, John Ingram mentioned the following haunting in his 'The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain'. 'Bath is veritably honeycombed, even in these realistic days, with inexplicable mysteries. Haunted houses are of common occurrence in Bladud's city, and there are now before us several cases of ghostly doings therein which, for reasons pecuniary or personal, the owners or tenants deprecate direct allusion to. One of the best-known of these troubled homes is in Lansdowne Crescent, and upon the story connected with this building, the number of which we cannot furnish, an interesting romance has been founded by Miss Mary C. Kowsell. The story current in Bath is that every Sunday night, at eleven o'clock, the sound of clashing swords and of angry mutterings is heard outside the doors of the first-floor rooms, and that everyone who has ventured within those rooms at such a time has heard the noises; yet when the doors are opened nothing is seen, nothing is heard.'

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