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The Crystal Palace, Bath

The Crystal Palace on Abbey Green in Bath is so called in commemoration of The Grand Exhibition which took place in Hyde Park, London between 1 May 1851 and 15 October 1851. Prior to this name change, the Inn was known as The Three Tuns.

An interesting insight into the history of the Abbey Green area was discovered by the landlord, Roy Wain whilst doing renovations in either 1981 or 1984. Under the cellar, several skeletons and a Roman mosaic floor were uncovered. It has been suggested that The Crystal Palace and its immediate neighbors are on the site of a Roman Villa and this would tie in nicely with a reference from 1814 regarding a mosaic in the courtyard behind the Inn. The mosaic in the cellar was left in place and is protected under a plastic sheet and a layer of sand. As for the skeletons, it has been speculated that they may have something to do with a graveyard attached to the Abbey, but I have no details about them at the moment.

With the Roman archaeology you may expect to discover the pub is haunted by Romans. However, a cowled monk like figure was reported as having been seen by a previous landlord. I am unsure whether anything has been experienced in recently.

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Re: The Crystal Palace, Bath

Had a few pints in here over the weekend of ASSAPs 2011 Conference in Bath.  Great pub and lovely fish and chips.  Highly recommended if your ever in the area.



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