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Little Angel Public House, Remenham

During mid 20th century the Little Angel Inn was reputedly the scene of haunting like phenomena which was experienced by the Bucknalls who were the licensees. The disturbances were said to take place over a 30 month period starting in 1952. Tramping footfalls and the slamming of doors could be heard from upstairs, the apparition of a hysterical woman was seen reported sitting on a couch and unexplainable rappings were heard on the front door.

This case is very briefly mentioned in Guy Lyon Playfairs ‘The Haunted Pub Guide’ (1985), in which he refers to Joan Forman’s attempted investigation of the building and what would appear to be landlord’s disinterest and or refusal to speak about such things. The piece does infer that the ghost is that of Mary Blandy and says that she poisoned her father at the Little Angel. Though the ghost may have been Miss Blandy, the facts of the murder are not accurate.

Miss Blandy poisoned her father at Blandy House in Henley on Thames and was executed for the crime in Oxford on 06 April 1752. Immediately following the death she was placed under house arrest and confined in her room. One day she discovered that the door to her room had been left open and she decided to go outside into the streets of Henley on Thames, where she was accosted by members of the public seeing she was free. Mary Blandy fled the growing crowd, she went over the bridge and was given refuge in the Little Angel which was at that time said to have been run by a friend of hers called Mrs Davis.

I am unaware of any recent reports of experiences.

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