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The Boot & Slipper Public House, Amersham

The 15th century Boot & Slipper Public House, part of the Chef & Brewer chain has a reputation of being haunted by a ghost that is usually felt rather than seen.

Simon Kemp, a bar assistant was quoted as stating: "Staff are too scared to go down to the cellar as there has been times when they feel something brush past and one guy felt a hand on his shoulder." [The Argus, 25th January 2001]

Mark Fox submitted a piece about the Boot & Slipper to the website in which he says 'The main bulk of the Pub was destroyed by a fire around 7 years ago, and was re-built around the original frame. The reports of paranormal activity started when the pub was reopened. Staff and visitors have reported hearing noises including whispering, have had overwhelming feelings of being watched, seen falling objects, curtains/doors move when there is no wind and shadowy figures have been seen.'

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