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Sawston Hall

This Tudor mansion was in the hands of the Huddleston Family from the 16th century right up until the 1970's. The Huddlestons were close friends to Queen Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) and the Hall played a part in the royal intrigue of the 1500's.

After the death of Edward VI in 1553 John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland, who wanted Lady Jane Grey to succeed the throne, invited Mary, the rightful heir and her sister Elizabeth to London. His intentions once they reached there can only be guessed but they would probably have led to the death of Mary. Elizabeth sensing trouble said she could not go, but Mary set off on the trip to London.

Mary received word that if she reached London she would be killed or imprisoned. She took refuge in Sawston Hall and a message came that the Duke's men were on their way. She left as quickly as she could and it is said that they looked back to see Sawston burning, an indication that the Duke's men had reached her former refuge.

Mary was crowned Queen after support for the Duke dwindled, and John Dudley and Lady Jane Grey were executed at the Tower of London. John Huddleston, who was knighted for his support of Queen Mary re-built the Hall.

In later times the Huddlestons remained Catholic when much of the country was Protestant, and one priest hole survives from the time.

The ghost of Queen Mary has been seen in the hall, she is said to be smiling and happy as she was here in life. Ghostly Spinney music that has been heard has also been attributed to the Queen.

During investigations and overnight stays some guests have heard footsteps and seen their doors shake as though somebody was checking if the room was locked.

Directions: The hall can be reached from the A1301.

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