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Runcorn UFO (1957)

James Cook reported that he had spent two days on a UFO that he climbed on board on a hill outside Runcorn in Cheshire on 7th September 1957.

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Re: Runcorn UFO (1957)

UMMMM i dont mean to say this but not much details and um this artacale is horable

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Re: Runcorn UFO (1957)

 cmon guys, is that it on this score. I'd expect at least a statement from the guy about what he saw, how he survived for 2 days, did they charge him for runnin him around ? anything !!!
Its just a date an a map !!???  

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Re: Runcorn UFO (1957)

This is just a gazetteer.  It maps out reported events throughout the country and gives what information is available, that is it.  These are not meant to be huge insightful articles.  Maybe you should look elsewhere.



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