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Lanyon Quoit

Also known as The Giants Table, Lanyon Quoit is a Neolithic burial mound dating back to 2500BC. The chambered tomb is made up of three upright granite blocks and a capstone, the covering mound has long since weathered away.

The tomb was re-erected in 1875 after falling down during a storm, one of the supporting stones was broken in the fall and the structure is now much lower than its original height.

These huge stone cromlechs were often seen as the work of giants and other legendary figures. According to folklore the quoit is the site of Arthur's last meal before the battle of Camlann.

Lanyon Quoit: by Lee WaterhouseLanyon Quoit: by Lee Waterhouse

Directions: Off a minor road to the North West of Madron.

Ian Topham

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