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Trethevy Quoit or King Arthur's Quoit

Trevethy Quoit, also known as King Arthur's Quoit, is one of the more impressive burial chambers in Cornwall. Standing at over 15 feet 4.6 Metres. This cromlech dates from the Bronze Age period. The capstone is pierced by a hole, the purpose of which is unknown.

A small portion of the front entrance stone is also missing, it has been surmised that this was cut to leave an entrance into the chamber. As with many of these stone sentinels the whole structure may at one time have been covered with a mound of earth long since degraded by the changing seasons.

Trevethy Quoit: by Lee WaterhouseTrevethy Quoit: by Lee Waterhouse


These structures were often seen as the work of giants and legendary figures.

Directions: The quoit can be reached from a minor road off the B3254, to the North of Tremar.

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