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Padstow Hobby Horse (Oss)

1st May - The festival starts at midnight in the early hours of Mayday. The actual Hobby Horse is a hoop covered with black material with an African mask, and a horses head with snapping jaws. A man stands inside the hoop and the procession parades around the town. The festival has ancient origins.

According to legend, Saint Petroc tamed a dragon at Padstow by placing a girdle about its neck. He then led it down to the seashore and set it free to swim away and never return to bother the townsfolk again.

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Re: Padstow Hobby Horse (Oss)

um ok i see but i dont get it cuz im makeing a webshow and i think some viewers dont get it so i need a little more detail.

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Re: Padstow Hobby Horse (Oss)

I have been many times as its about 8 miles from where i live.

Plenty info here.


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Re: Padstow Hobby Horse (Oss)

 Here is a link to a BBC slideshow of the 2011 festival.



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