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Zennor Church

Zennor Church is the home of the Zennor Mermaid, depicted in carvings in Zennor Church. According to legend, Mathew Trewella was a squire's son who was a gifted singer. One day he was singing by the shore so sweetly that a mermaid was compelled out of the water. Mathew succumbed to her otherworldly charms and was lost forever. It is said that his soft singing can still be heard mingling with the waves on the shore.

There is a carving of the mermaid on the 15th century bench ends in Zennor Church.

Zennor Mermaid: Carving in Zennor Church, click to enlargeZennor Mermaid: Carving in Zennor Church, click to enlarge

Directions: Zennor can be reached on the B3306.

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Lee Waterhouse

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Re: Zennor Church

okay wo man that is weird dude i wonder where the guy went well i think the first reson he must of drowned because people cant stay under long without a oxgen tank the second reson is she could of turned him to a merman the third reson she COUlD of killed him the forth reson is she ate him



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