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Big Cat Sightings In Cumbria

On 14 November 2011, the following article by S Crawford entitled 'Police open big cat sightings files' was published in the News and Star. 'CUMBRIA police have opened their files on big cat sightings in the county.

Since 2003 there have been 40 reports, the majority being of big black panther-type creatures or lynxes.

Police revealed the statistics after a request by Cumbrian Newspapers under the Freedom of Information rules.

However no evidence has ever been found to back up any of the claims.

Reports include a sighting of a “large black cat” found dead beside the M6. It turned out to be an otter.

And after investigating a report of “big black cat” at Troutbeck Bridge, near Windermere, officers concluded it was probably a badger.

Other reports include the sighting of a “black panther” on the fells at Garrigill, near Alston in 2003; a “very large cat” at Bewcastle in 2003; and a “large puma-type black cat” near the River Eden at Linstock, Carlisle in 2003.

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