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New Books Published on Fairies and Boggles in Cumbria

A SERIES of hand-crafted booklets on the folklore and legends of Cumbria has been published.

The Last Boggles and On The Hunt of Fairies are the first in a series on Strange Cumbria. They feature such tales as the Branthwaite Nook boggle (the ghost of a headless woman), Wetsmorland’s infamous Jemmy Boggle, the Coniston fairies who lived near the Copper mines, and the Whitehaven fairy folk who inhabited Saltom Rock.

Publisher Alan Cleaver of Church Street, Whitehaven, said: “Cumbria is a county rich in tales of wizards, witches, fairies, boggles and other supernatural creatures – this series of booklets aims to record and celebrate them all. The booklets detail not just the well-known tales but also some of the more obscure legends that were in danger of being forgotten.”

The booklets are unusual as they are individually printed on paper from Cumbria’s James Cropper papermill and hand-stitched. Mr Cleaver said: “In this age of Kindles, iPads and all-things digital, my partner Lesley Park and I wanted to return to the love of a good book. We believe a book should not just be a good read but also a thing of beauty in itself. These booklets will never ‘crash’, need rebooting or run out of batteries.”

The booklets are available from the Rum Story, Lowther Street, Whitehaven or The Beacon by Whitehaven harbour (and shortly other locations) or online at They cost £2.50 each. Coming shortly are booklets on wizards, witches, holy wells, and the Orton Dobbie.

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Re: New Books Published on Fairies and Boggles in Cumbria

Over the next few weeks I will review the booklets which already have me slightly jealous.  If you like this website you'll love these booklets.



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