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Burgh Marsh

24th May 1964, Jim Templeton (then 44) on an outing with his wife and two daughters, took a picture of his daughter holding a posy of wild flowers near a stretch of marshland by the Solway Firth. When this was developed it showed what appeared to be a white-suited entity wearing a black visor standing behind his daughter in a strange perspective. No rational explanation for this image has been forthcoming. The picture has become known as The Solway Photograph:

Edward I
7 July 1307, Edward I (Longshanks) died on Burgh Marsh roughly 1 mile North of the village of Burgh-by-Sands. Before his body was taken to London it lay in St Michael's Church. Next to The Greyhound public house there now stands a statue of Edward I which was commissioned in 2007 to mark the 700 year anniversary of his death.

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Jim Templeton
Ian Topham

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Re: Burgh Marsh

James Parker Templeton (Jim) passed away in November 2011 aged 91.  I am sure our thoughts are with his family and friends.



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