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Bleaklow Head and Surrounding Moorland

According to a local story (from the Saddleworth area) a patrol of Roman soldiers disappeared while crossing the desolate moors in the area around Bleaklow. They either became lost and died of exposure, or as my informant would have it, were ambushed by the local tribes and buried deep in some moorland bog, waiting to be found armour and all.

The story may have some relation to reports of a ghostly legion seen by walkers on the Pennine way. The area was certainly well used by the Roman legions. A Roman fort stands at Castleshaw and Roman roads and routes can be seen such as Doctors Gate which ran from Navio Fort in Hope Valley to Melandria near Glossop.

Additional Information:
The area is remote, boggy and it is easy to get lost in inclement weather, the cloud can roll down on the hills in minutes and I have to admit getting lost while hiking even though I grew up near here. I would not recommend searching for lost Roman patrols unless you are relatively skilled in hill navigation and dressed in the appropriate clothing.

Daniel Parkinson

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