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Moigne Down UFO (1967)

On 26 October 1967 at about 11.25 am, J.B.W. Brooks was walking his two dogs, an Alsatian and a Dalmatian, along the Moigne Down near Holworth during a force eight gale. He took shelter by lying down on his back in a hollow in the ground. Mr Brooks underwent a UFO sighting of an object described as circular with one girder like fuselage pointing forwards, and three of the same girders pointing backwards. These then moved outwards to form a cross shape with a disk in the middle and the whole thing started to rotate. The whole encounter lasted for 22 minutes until the object resumed its original shape and shot away at great speed. This was explained by 'experts' as a floating piece of skin on his eyeball (He had recently had a cornea implant).

Two days earlier on the 24th of October 1967, two Devon Policemen followed a flying cross for over twelve miles near to the Devon border.

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Reports from the Dorset

Reports from the Dorset Evening Echo concerning these sightings can be found here

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