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Redworth Hall Hotel

Redworth Hall is a four star hotel, spa and wedding venue, positioned approximately eight miles from Darlington, and twenty miles from Durham. The building dates back to 1693 and has retained many of its unique features including the Baronial Great Hall and an elaborate spiral staircase. Previous owners of the Hall are a variety of members of the Crosier and Surtees families. Lord Robert Surtees acquired the hall in 1744, and it stayed in the Surtees family until 1955. The hall then became a school and later a hotel.

It is professed that Redworth Hall Hotel is haunted by at least two different ghosts. Popular belief states that Lord Robert Surtees had a mentally ill child that he used to keep chained to a fireplace in the hall. Therefore, the following reported phenomena are traditionally accredited to the ghost of this child.

1) The ghost of a small child is said to have been seen walking the corridors of the hotel.
2) Numerous visitors have reported being troubled in the night by a child’s screams.
3) A child has been reported to have been seen through the viewfinder of many digital cameras used in the hall.

Other reported mysterious phenomena are often accredited to the ghost of scullery maid that became pregnant by the same Lord Surtees during an illicit affair. When the Lady Surtees uncovered the truth, it is alleged that the maid committed suicide by throwing herself down the stairs. The following unexplained happenings have been reported in the hotel.

4) Many guests have complained about feeling bangs on the bed (as if it was being jumped upon).
5) Guests have reported feeling as though they are being watched.
6) There have been reports of electrical devices switching on and off by themselves.

Rooms 7 and 14 are reported to be the most frequent rooms that unexplained phenomena are said to occur.

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