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Walshes Road, Jarvis Brook

In an article entitled 'Ghostly goings-on in the forest and beyond', the Kent and Sussex Courier referred to the following ghost in 23 December 2011.

But he [Mr Firmin author of Boys Firmin's first guide to the district] offered no explanation for a most unlikely spectre, a bag of soot which was said to haunt hilly Walshes Road at Jarvis Brook and which would chase anyone it encountered.

A blacksmith boasted in one of the village pubs that he was not afraid, and set off up the hill.

Mr Firmin said that very soon he was seen running at full speed back down the hill pursued by the bag of soot.

Perhaps with his legal tongue firmly in his cheek, Mr Firmin [who was a barrister] let the facts speak for themselves, other than to suggest that the ghost may have been the phantom of a deceased chimney sweep incensed by the local practice of setting chimneys on fire instead of calling for his services.

The article also mentions a second ghost here.

This was a woman – the departed chimney sweep's wife? – who appeared by a gateway on the drive to Walsh Manor.

A man who encountered her took a swipe at her with his stick.

To his horror, the stick passed right through her, and he, like the valiant blacksmith, took to his heels.

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