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Beast Of Essex: Between Colchester and Lawford

On 28th March 2008 the Daily Gazette featured an article by Lauren Oldershaw entitled ‘Colchester: Fresh ‘beast’ sighting’ in which she detailed a witness account of a large black cat sighting.

‘Another sighting has been made of the elusive so-called beast of Essex.

Alison Wilcox, of Ambrose Avenue in Colchester, said she was on her way back from Hadleigh with her husband when she spotted the panther-like animal standing in a field between Lawford and Colchester in the middle of the day.

"It was definitely not a horse - it was black animal, and I am certain it was this beast everyone keeps talking about.

"It was just standing there, and then I saw in the paper that someone else had heard it growling," added Mrs Wilcox.

The creature has also recently been sighted in Harwich, Colne Engaine and Colchester.’

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Re: Beast Of Essex: Between Colchester and Lawford


Some years ago I was jogging over Jaywick beach, I stayed with a friend there over night. Whilst I was out jogging a fox was running alongside me; so I said good morning to him, then he ran in a different direction. This was about 5.30 in the morning. As I looked across the beach I saw a massive cat, it looked like a tiger, it was huge. At the time the whole 'beast of essex' thing was just starting out and I remember thinking I had never seen a mammel like this other than in a zoo. I stopped and stared at it; it looked back at me. I was not scared I was intrigued, It was more frightened of me then I he I am sure because he stared at me for a while then he ran... I never saw it again, but I told my friend about it on my return to her place.



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