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Beast Of Essex: Colchester

On 28th April 2008 the Daily Gazette featured an article by Gareth Palmer entitled ‘Colchester: Now 'Beast' is seen in cemetery’ which concerned the latest sighting of the Beast of Essex.

The Beast of Essex may have been spotted in Colchester Cemetery.

Geraldine Collins, 72, described seeing a "beautiful" large black cat walking through the grounds of the cemetery, off Mersea Road.

"I was walking through the graves towards the chapel, and I just saw this massive black tail out of the corner of my eye," the 72-year-old said.

"This huge cat was just walking along so calmly. It was only about a yard away, didn't look my way and walked off."

Mrs Collins, of Leas Road, Wivenhoe, was visiting a friend's grave last week when she spotted what she believes was a puma.

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Re: Beast Of Essex: Colchester

The Paranormal Database references a sighting of a large black cat seen on Mersea Road in Colchester, January 1996.



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