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Puddle Dock 1674

In 1674 a publication entitled ‘News from Puddle-Docke in London, or, A Perfect particuler of the strange apparitions and transactions that have happened in the house of Mr. Edward Pitts next door to the still at Puddle-Dock’ was printed. As the title suggests it concerned the reported haunting Edward Pitts home. The experiences relating to this haunting included poltergeist activity and an apparition of a large cat (about the size of a mastiff) without any limbs.

Interesting Note:
Just prior to his death William Shakespeare (baptised 26 April 1564 - died 23 April 1616) bought property not too far away from Puddle Dock according to Old and New London (Volume 1) published I 1878, “In 1613 we find Shakespeare purchasing a plot of ground not far from Blackfriars Theatre, and abutting on a street leading down to Puddle Wharf, "right against the king's majesty's wardrobe;" but he had retired to Stratford, and given up London and the stage before this. The deed of this sale was sold in 1841 for £162 5s."

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Re: Puddle Dock 1674

uuuh, that cat sounds wierd! It is interesting to note 'poltergeist activity' mentioned. Is this how it was commented on? I assume the term Poltergeist in relation to anamolous kinetic movements,draughts etc is of fairly recent vintage.

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Re: Puddle Dock 1674

Interesting point lilmunky.  I have tried looking for the original text for the Puddle Dock case but have not found it yet, so I don't know if they actually use the term poltergeist or not, though others writing about the case in more recent years do use it. 

How old is the term poltergeist though?  It may be interesting to try and find the earliest reference to it.



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