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Saint Tanwg’s Church

The intriguing Saint Tanwg’s Church is situated in the sand dunes at Llandanwg, which is at the mouth of the River Artro, opposite to Mochras (Shell Island). Is it thought that Saint Tanwg founded a church on the site at Llandanwg in the 6th Century, although the present church is Medieval, dating from the 13th Century. Saint Tanwg is celebrated on the 10th October.

Inside the church are two inscribed stones from early Christianity. There is a gravestone near to the altar which is inscribed with ‘Ingenuus, said to be a contemporary of Saint Patrick. There is also the ‘Equester Stone’ which has inscribed upon it ‘Equestri Nomine’ (Equester (knight of the equestrian class) Nominis (family name)).

Simon Topham

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