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Aberconwy House

Conwy’s oldest house, Aberconwy (parts of it date back to the 14th Century) on Castle Street, was a medieval merchant’s house, and is currently owned by the National Trust. The building has a timber framed upper storey jutting over a stone built ground floor and cellar, so it has character and appeal (it narrowly escaped being bought by an American who intended to ship the building back to the USA). The house is now decorated to depict three different periods in history. Some rooms appear Georgian, the attic is in the Jacobean style and there is a Victorian bedroom and corridor. Its first recorded owner was Evan David, and it was owned by various English merchants over the years that traded with the Welsh (who were apparently not allowed to live within the city walls). Aberconwy house is allegedly haunted, and the following phenomena have been reported by visitors and past employees:

1. The apparition of a woman has been apparently been seen near to the fireplace in the Jacobean loft.
2. The perfume of flowers is sometimes said to be encountered in the loft.
3. A man in Victorian dress has been seen walking down the Victorian corridor, before disappearing.
4. It is said that the floorboards creak and doors rattle.
5. A door has allegedly been seen to close on its own.
6. Footsteps have apparently been heard in the loft when there was nobody up there.
7. Plates and pens on display in the downstairs shop have apparently been moved on many occasions during the night.
8. People have allegedly been prodded by something as they go up in to the loft.

Simon Topham

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