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Royston Cave

Underneath the streets of Royston, below the ancient Icknield way lies a secret cave, rediscovered in 1702 and dating back perhaps a thousand years. The cave, which is a bell shaped hole carved from the solid chalk, has a multitude of early Christian carvings depicting saints and religious scenes. St Lawrence is depicted at his martyrdom being roasted on a grill, St Catherine is depicted being broken on a wheel for her beliefs, along with other scenes of the crucifixion, swords and horses.

There is speculation how old the carvings are and who carved them, but there is no conclusive proof. The cave may have been the retreat for a hermit hundreds of years ago, legend also suggests the carvings were made by the Knights Templars.

Royston is reached from the A10 or the A505, the cave is open during the summer season.

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