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Falling Ghost, Dartford Heath

The following firsthand account of a haunt like experience dates from before the construction of the A2 and appeared on the Perception 9 website’s article about the many ghosts of Dartford Heath.

"At about 10pm, I was riding my bike home from the Dartford Air Cadet HQ. I always rode down the track that runs between Heath Lane and the junction of Oakfield Lane and Parsons Lane. It was very dark but I saw the figure of a boy around my age (16) walking up the track towards me. I thought I knew him so I stopped to talk. When he was only a few feet away, I realised that I didn't know him and felt a bit stupid as I'd called out and said 'Hello' and the name of who I thought it was. He was quite thin and tall, had glasses and was wearing jeans and a 'windcheater' type jacket. Even though the only light was my bike's lamp, he was quite clear to make out. He looked at me and said "I'm not well, I feel sick." I thought he might be sick over my A.T.C. uniform if we just stood there, so I said for him to sit on the side of the track. I asked him if I could get help or someone for him but he didn't say anything. He looked at me, then turned towards the edge of the track, took some steps onto the grass - fell straight down onto his face and he suddenly wasn't there any more. I shone my lamp at where he fell but he had vanished."

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