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Church of St Mary the Virgin, Newington

The Grade I listed Church of St Mary the Virgin in Newington possibly dates from as early as 1163 and was built by Richard de Lucy. There is a Devil legend attached to the church relating to a stone that once stood on the corner of Church Lane but was moved to the church entrance in 1936. This stone has a mark in the shape of a hoof that was reputedly caused by the Devil when he leapt from the belfry after stealing the church bells which had been disturbing him. Carrying the bells in a large sack, the Devil tripped over the stone as he landed and spilling his plunder out of the sack and onto the lane. The bells are said to have rolled down the lane and into the river.

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Re: Church of St Mary the Virgin, Newington

The church tower dates from 15 century. The nave is 14th century and the chancel 13th century.



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