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Sheebeg Cairn

Sheebeg Cairn (Sí Beag) is traditionally considered to be the burial site of Gráinne, (daughter of Cormac mac Airt, High King of Ireland ) and the giant hero of Irish legend, Fionn Mac Cumhaill (or Finn McCool), leader of the Fianna warriors of Ben Bulben. Gráinne was betrothed to Fionn but fled with one of his young warriors named Diarmuid, which resulted in a great chase across Ireland. Eventually allowing the lovers to settle down Fionn invited Diarmuid to a hunt at Ben Bulben where the young man was mortally wounded by a wild boar and Fionn refused to heal him, letting him die. Gráinne returned to Fionn but within a year killed herself by leaping beneath his chariot wheels. She was buried at Sí Beag which means ‘Little Fairy Mound’. When Fionn died he was placed in the grave beside her.

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