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Maiden Well, North Kelsey

Maiden Well Lane in North Kelsey was probably named after the Maiden Well which was visited on St Mark’s Eve (April 24th) by unmarried women in order to discover, through divination who they will marry.

The well is mentioned in County Folk-Lore by Gutch and Peacock (1908) who state that women would go on that day because ‘St. Mark's was a holy-day as inseparably linked with the practice of amorous spells and other superstitions of pre-Christian origin as Hallow E'en itself.’ They go on to recount information provided by a servant girl who lived in Kelsey, saying ‘that girls coming to the spring with the view of divination must walk towards it backwards, and go round it three times in the same manner, each girl, meanwhile, wishing the wish that she may see her destined sweetheart. After the third circle is complete, the inquirer must kneel down and gaze into the spring, in which she will see her lover looking up out of the depths.’

I am not sure of the exact location of the well or if indeed it still exists and would greatly appreciate any further information.

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Re: Maiden Well, North Kelsey


The well is still there, or was last time I visited a few years ago.

It's heavily overgrown and there is nothing above ground level to see.

It's at the bottom of Maidenwell Lane, hidden in an area with trees.


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Re: Maiden Well, North Kelsey

I had a hunt for this yesterday. Would appreciate more info on how to find if possible
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