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Haunted Grimsby by Jason Day

Join Paranormal Investigator Jason Day as he takes you on a journey around haunted Grimsby in the latest book in the Haunted series published by The History Press.

Jason is a well known investigator and author, and for those of you who have read his previous books you'll find Haunted Grimbsy is another excellent read. Through his research Jason finds some unique stories which include possibly the world's first supermarket spectre at the local Asda, and also an insight into one of Grimsby's most infamous hauntings on Cleethorpes Road which has been investigated by Phil Whyman, a paranormal investigator from Living TV's Most Haunted. The building which has been investigated over five years could have a number of different spirits haunting the building and certainly attracts local attention. Phil also gives this book a great introduction before Jason kicks off.

One reported ghost sighting is of a Roundhead soldier dating back to the Civil War and there were certainly skirmishes and battles around the Grimsby area during this time. Another well documented case from Jason centres around the Yarborough Hotel built in 1851. Famous for the Yarborough riot in 1862 the hotel changed hands many times and strange occurrences began to happen including unaccountable noises, ghostly children and figures seen in shadows. The Hotel has been investigated by the P.P. Paranormal team, Lincolnshire Paranormal Investigators and also the GRUB Paranormal Team over a number of years and I'm sure that we'll be reading about more overnight vigils from the hotel in the future.

Jason brings these encounters to life in this book, and as an investigator he gives an more indepth report wherever possible but it's also light enough to be excellent bed time reading, although you might be sleeping with the light on for a while afterwards!

One thing that also springs to mind is that even if you aren't necessarily interested in ghosts or hauntings the stories and cases featured here given an excellent insight into local history and which brings the town to life, or should that be after-life?!

Definitely one for the collection.



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