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Metheringham Lass

A phenomena has been reported by many shaken drivers who have passed the former RAF airfield at Metheringham, Lincolnshire, late at night. At first glance this appears to be a version of the "Vanishing Hitchhiker" stories which are common all over the world, but there are some deviations from the usual story.

Many drivers have reported a crying young woman standing in the road and waving them down on dark and usually rainy nights. She begs them to stop and help her, explaining that she and her boyfriend have been involved in a motorcycle accident and that he needs urgent medical help. She is said to be accompanied by a strong smell of lavender. As the driver exits the car to help, the girls disappears and the lavender scent is replaced by the putrid smell of rotting flesh.

The general opinion of people who have researched the history of the RAF base is that the "lass" is the ghost of 19 year old Catherine Bystock from Horncastle. In early 1945, shortly before the end of WWII, Catherine, who was dating a Flight Sergeant based at Metheringham, was killed when her boyfriend's motorcycle skidded off the road during a heavy rain on their way back from a dance. Catherine was killed instantly but her boyfriend, though badly hurt, survived.

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Re: Metheringham Lass

The following article by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny (author of the highly recommended 'Ghost Stations'), entitled 'The 'Metheringham Lass' haunting' , appeared on the BBC Lincolnshire website.

The Metheringham Lass™ is one of the most interesting Lincolnshire haunting stories.  It has proved with readers to be one of the most popular of my ghost stories. In the early days, I had dozens of reports from RAF personnel and civilians, of a ghostly figure that was seen on a section of the old wartime airfield of RAF Metheringham.

Intrigued I looked into it and my research took time, but at long last, I found the crucial link. I finally established that the ghostly visible spirit of a young lady, who is seen standing in the road that was once part of the wartime airfield, was that of a young woman named Catherine Bystock, who had lived at Horncastle. She was 19 years old and courting a Flight Sergeant from RAF Metheringham.

Catherine Bystock
The story that I have uncovered is that just before the end of the Second World War, a young RAF aircrew Flight Sergeant was giving his fiancée a lift home to Metheringham village on the pillion seat of his motor-cycle after being to a local dance. The motor-cycle skidded on wet surfacing and crashed close to the place where the ghostly figure appears.

The Flight Sergeant lived but the young lady was thrown from the motor-cycle and killed instantly. She had terrible head injuries. The two were due to be married and she had already ordered her wedding gown.

I gave her the title of The Metheringham Lass to link her to RAF Metheringham. Lass is a Lincolnshire girl.

False Sightings
From previous knowledge of such cases, I knew there would be many 'sightings' and the skill would be to sort the genuine from the false. In order to do this I altered and even created certain aspects of the Metheringham Lass, which not only proved successful in catching out those that were pretending to have seen the ghost.

People who really encounter this spirit, always give me the true description of her, and if you really encounter her you will!

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Re: Metheringham Lass

 Hi I love a short distance from here,  has anybody seen this girl??



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