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Bagdale Hall

The hall is the oldest building in Whitby built in 1516. It is now a hotel said to be haunted by Browne Bushell, a former owner who was executed for piracy. He has been seen walking up the staircase, and has also been heard in the same place.

There has been other strange phenomena associated with the hall over the years, including poltergeist activity.

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Re: Bagdale Hall

The following experience at Bagdale HAll was e-mailed into the website recently by someone who was not aware of the haunted reputation before staying there.

'I stayed at Bagdale Hall last year ,I heard footsteps on the landing the door opened then i felt a man trying to get in bed pushing me really hard and deep breathing in my face i never opened my eyes i was too scared I never believed in ghosts untill that night I still dont know what to think about it if it was a dream I ve never had a dream like that before'



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