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Ivelet Bridge Black Dog

The single span Ivelet Bridge over the River Swale dates from 1687 and was an important crossing point on the 16 mile Corpse Way from Muker to the Churchyard at Grinton, which was once the only consecrated burial ground in the dale.

Along the Copse Way were identified resting stops for the men carrying the bodies (usually in wicker baskets). For overnight stops, the bodies were placed in building called a ‘Dead House’, such as can be found at the Punchbowl Inn at Feetham, but for shorter breaks the pall bearers would place the body upon a coffin stone whilst they took a rest. One of these coffin stones is on the north side of Ivelet Bridge.

A headless dog is reputed to haunt the Ivelet Bridge. It silently runs up the bridge before jumping over the wall and diving into the River Swale below. This phantom is considered locally to be an ill omen and a portent of death.

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Get some sage, holy water, get some folke up in there, that can stop that mess! Oh, well looks like you need to call me. I don't put up with that mess!!



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