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Richmond Castle

The castle is one of many sites associated with Arthur and his sleeping knights, ready to stir from their slumber in a cave under the castle in times of need. A potter called Thompson once found his way into the cavern (or was shown into the cavern by a stranger) via a tunnel from the castle. Inside the cavern King Arthur and his men lay asleep, and a horn and a sword were on the ground next to them. Thompson picked up the horn and the knights started to stir from their slumber, which put him to fright and as he ran back along the tunnel, a booming voice sounded after him.

"If Thoust had drawn the sword or blown the horn,
Thou hadst been the luckiest man e'er born"

The castle has another common story that of a drummer boy, sent along the castle tunnel to see if it reached a local abbey. A group of men followed the sound of his drumming above ground, until it stopped suddenly, and he was never seen again. His drumming is still said to be heard every now and again.

Both these stories have reflections in other areas of Britain. It was a popular myth that Arthur and his knights lay asleep in some deep cave awaiting an hour of need.

Directions: Richmond is on the A6108 off the A1 at Scotch Corner.

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