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Hitchhiker of Ragley Hall

Another Warwickshire road ghost has become known as the ‘Hitchhiker of Ragley Hall’. Drivers have apparently stopped and given an old lady described as wearing a shawl and bonnet a lift to Dunnington Cross only to have her disappear.

I am unsure whether this ghost is connected or related to the 'White Lady of the Springs'. A female in white is said to sit by and take a drink from the nearby stream. Some sources suggest that a skeleton unearthed by the stream in 1883 belonged to this ghost. Some say it belonged to the old lady hitch hiker. The white lady is also thought to have been seen hanging from a tree.

Another female ghost that has been suggested to haunt the grounds of Ragley Hall is that of a servant of Maria Emilia Fagnani (24 August 1771 – 2 March 1856), Marchioness of Hertford.

I would be very interested in trying to unravel some of these experiences and would love to hear from anyone who has experienced any of these appartitions.

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