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Ilkley Moor UFO Abduction (1987)

On 1st December 1987 a former Police Officer, who has not been named, set off from his home early in the morning to visit a relative who lived in nearby East Morton. He decided to travel over Ilkley Moor and took with him a camera. As he was walking near an old excavation, something caught the corner of his eye, and he turned to see a small green creature with overlong arms standing about 4 feet in height, running towards the hollow in the hillside. He shouted at the creature, which waved its arms at him, and he managed to snap a picture. The photograph, when developed showed a strange figure with long arms ascending a moorland track. The roll was examined and found to have not been tampered with, and the object seems to be a solid figure, and not a smudge or a film fault. He underwent hypnotic regression, which brought forth memories of a classic abduction scenario.

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