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Todmordon UFO Abduction (1980)

At around 5.00am on 28th November 1980 in Todmordon, PC Alan Godfrey, who was checking out a routine call on a local estate, was driving up Burnley Road, when he saw what he thought was a bus across the road further ahead of him. He drove towards it, and realised that it wasn't actually a bus at all but a hovering dome like object, 20 feet wide, topped with a row of windows. He tried his radio and transmitter but they wouldn't work, and he made his way back to base. When he got back to the station he persuaded one of his colleagues to go with him to the site. They found that the area where the object had been hovering was dry even though the rest of the road was wet due to rainfall. A period of missing time persuaded him to undergo hypnotic regression, which revealed an alien abduction.

According to Jenny Randles, Alan remained open minded about the nature of his experiences, and stated that he could not be sure if the images from the regression hypnosis were real or imaginary.

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