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I have come across some websites that give out Awards to each other.  I am not sure what these awards are worth and sometimes I think they are just a cheap way of advertising and making sure there are mutual links between the sites in question.  However, have Mysterious Britain ever considered it?  Giving a MB Award to sites you consider to be worthwhile and paranormal groups you'd be happy to be affiliated with?

Here is an example.

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Ian Topham
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Re: Awards

I would certainly consider it, but only if the reputation of this site was such that the Award would mean something to the paranormal community at large.  Also I wouldn't give very many out.

I have been considering a few other options as well, maybe offering an award to a given investigator, group and or author each year, maybe following nominations, a panel discussion and maybe ballot of the registered readership.

There are lots of possibilities and I would be flattered if someone thought an award from us would be something special.



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