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Camping in haunted location

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 Okay, so a group of my friends and I wish to go camping as we normally do, however I wanted to know if anyone knows of any good locations to camp where there is a chance of paranormal activity or if there has been any reported near such a place....We live in the north west so preferably it would not be too far from that region...

Oh I would prefer somewhere that isnt a licensed camp site although I would still like those if you know any...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Camping in haunted location

There are are lots of reported hauntings in the Lake District, but I am unsure whether there are any that would give you a really good chance of experiencing something.  It may be a good idea to camp within the vacinity of a few interesting places and then try to visit each.  Again, no guarantee of seeing anything.  What part of the North West are you in?

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Re: Camping in haunted location

 Im in Manchester, I will have a look for locations in and around the lake district...

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Re: Camping in haunted location

Manchester?  I'm from Oldham myself.  There is a good campsite called Fisherground that I visit quite often.  It is in the Esk Dale valley, not far from Muncaster and Ravenglass.

I camp a lot around Glastonbury which is a great base for exploring Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and Devon.



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