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Cumbria shootings

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Neil Boothman
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As a Cumbrian, it's very sobering to have a tragedy like this occuring so close to home. The organisation I work for are based in West Cumbria - it's a very small, close-knit community and a lot of my colleagues know - or are even related to - some of the people who were killed and injured. My thoughts and sympathies are with them.

Boot Village where the gunman shot himself, is just down the road from a campsite I frequent when I go fellwalking in the Eskdale Valley.

I feel sorry for people who live those innercity areas where gun crime is a regular ocurrence - it's not something I'd want to have to get used to.

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Stephen Clementson
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Re: Cumbria shootings

 I wish I knew something more appropriate to say.  Nonetheless, I live in a place that’s neither a concrete jungle, nor a country village.  It was designed that way.  This isn’t the kind of environment that spawns the rat-in-a-maze syndrome.  But I know that there are pockets of trouble here, especially having previously experienced the delights of living two doors down from a drug dealer who had a record for offences such as GBH. 
Unfortunate negative psychological variables exist in any large group, and it only takes 0.1% of the population to spoil things for everybody else.  This has nothing to do with environment; some people are simply nasty.  Most people wouldn’t take a gun and shoot people, just because they’re unhappy with their lives.  It takes just one loony with a handgun; just one in millions of people to bring terror to the streets of a quiet little village.  





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