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Dale Farm

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Neil Boothman
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Well isn't this just Battle of the Beanfield Mk II.

Basildon Council are spending £Ms of taxpayers' money to evict part of an established and successful traveller commmunity. After the eviction (assuming it's successful) there will still be a travellers' site at Dale Farm and the Dale Farm community will still own the land many of their number are being forced from. Bizarre. Is spending taxpayers' money to make families homeless an appropriate priority for a council to have at the top of its 'things-to-do this week' list?

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Ian Topham
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Re: Dale Farm

I've only just noticed the eviction is going ahead.

Any law breaking should have been dealt with years ago, when they first started to build where they were not allowed.  Tackling the problem this late on when they're settled is just a mess.

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Re: Dale Farm

Rules are Rules unless you are a politician, then you can just please yourself.


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