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Love DC COMICS? Want to write or draw for them but know you'll never get a chance? Simply want to dive into a fresh new experience and a new world of DC?

DC2 offers a large range of top quality titles each with its own bright, professional looking cover. Jump in and explore the work we have amassed. Dont be daunted by 5 years worth of continuity simply read the titles that interest you. Have an idea for a DC oriented story? Pitch it to the editorial team (or me, I can pass them along)! Not sure you want to stick to continuity or want to do something wild and different with your favourite heroes? Write and Elseworld or delve into DC2's Multiverse sister-site DC3!
Come along have fun writing fan fic and doing fan art to a high level which entails your stories are edited and allows people to read your work in its best possible light. Its fun, its easy and its free. Its also free from Crisis on Any Kind of Earth and there isn't a trace of The Rise of Arsenal in sight!!!!!!!!! What could be cooler...its the better, younger, fresher version of DC. DC2!

Pitch over. Seriously come along. Its really cool and some of the writing will blow you away!



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