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Project; Paranormal (Cumbria)

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Project; Paranormal is a well established investigations unit based in Cumbria, U.K.

We cover the majority of the U.K and can offer professional, unique and often unforgettable paranormal investigations. Our team has a total of 12 members, although not all of these perform one investigation, we tend to select member's who will be confident in the specific paranormal incident. Our investigations are free of charge, however for a small donation we offer clients the opportunity of recieving a hand made and polished Digital Versatile Disc (DVD).

Our equipment ranges at present we tend to use on one occasion the following;

K2 meters
Standard EMF meters.
3 Handycams
HD IR cams
A Ouija Board
A Francs box ( or spirit box)
A Laser wall system
Laser thermometers
Digital Photography Equipment (D.P.E)
Motion Detector and Alarms systems.
Dictaphones ( For EVP sessions)
Divining rods/Pendulum
Modified planchettes.

Just to name a selcetion of the equipment!

Our team holds a combined amount of over 4 decades in the paranormal! We believe in confidentiality and for this reason, we always decline to share findings of yours with anyone, unless permission has been sought prior to the de-calsssification of all documents.

For more information regarding any aspect of the team please do not hesistate to email us using ;

or, find us on facebook under the group name of;

Project; Paranormal  (or follow this link ;!/pages/Project-Paranormal/348716908484917)

We're always around to have an informal chat!

Regards and best wishes,

P;  P

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Re: Project; Paranormal (Cumbria)

Hi, what part of Cumbria are you based in?  I live in Carlisle.

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Re: Project; Paranormal (Cumbria)

Hasty Response!

We like it!

We are currently based in Kendal, but have links to teams in the Workington/Maryport area, along with the lake district...

Regards, best wishes and good fortune,

P;     P



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