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Celtic Folklore and Fantasy Fiction

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My name is Steve McKenzie. I run a site over at about Scots and Irish folklore and its use in creating fantasy stories.

I am writing a series of tales called the Blue Men and Green Women series, some of which are due for publication soon. Samples of my stories are up at the site as well as a monthly blog about a different kind of creature.

I'm not so much up on the cryptozoology side of things, but will make comments on subjects I know something about on here.

Hope you like my site. I think I'll hang my Celtic internet hat here, at least part time.

S J McKenzie.

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Neil Boothman
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Hi Steve, welcome back. Your comments will be a valuable contribution to the site and I hope you find it a useful resource for your writing.


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Daniel Parkinson
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Hi Steve

Glad to have you back

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Ian Topham
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Welcome Steve

Hi Steve, welcome to Mysteriousbritain. I hope we make a nice hat stand :)



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