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Good Morrow Everyone.

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Good morrow everyone.

My name is Caz.

I reside in Derby.

I am 53

I'm into anything Tudor, I have a seamstress who is currently making me a Tudor gown in the true style with all the under garments.

My other interests include.:-

Animals, I have 1 male rabbit, Hedwig & 1 male harebit, (½ hare, ½ rabbit,) Daniel.
Johnny Depp, I have 23 of his films, (just 30 more to go.)
Herb & Vegetable Gardening.
Visiting Places Of Interest To Me.
Dolls Houses, (for collecting, not to be played with,) I have 6

I smoke, but, do not drink.


<3 JD<3

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Re: Good Morrow Everyone.

Hi Caz, welcome to Mysteriousbritain.

Craig-y-Nos Castle

Rooms from &pound;55.00 per night midweek with continental breakfastRooms from £55.00 per night midweek with continental breakfast



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