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Hello everyone

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Greetings from a newcomer.  I found this site recently, and opted to join as I do believe that the paranormal is extant, though difficult to prove.  I do accept that there may be many on here who are barking mad (and I do not exclude myself here!), though I do hope that there will be many truly fascinating stories.

My own experiences include a haunting; sharing a home with... well, I call them "little people", though many interpret this as Irish leprechauns; and - most intriguingly - a ghost of memories of a few hours after conception.  If any parallel stories - or, better yet, scientific explanations - come up, then this was worth any effort here.


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Re: Hello everyone

Hi Choffrob, welcome to the site I'm sure your'll enjoy it. Your experience of sharing a home with "little people" sounds really interesting. I hope you share your experiences in more detail on the site!

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Re: Hello everyone

Hi Choffrob, welcome to the forum.  Are there any mad people on here?.....Wibble.



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