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Hello from Bristol

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Hi everyone
I'm Wendy and I have had a life long interest in the paranormal and been an investigator with BSPRI for 8 and a half years. 

When I first joined BSPRI in January 2004, I suppose you could say I was a closed minded believer.
This was probably due in part to the weird stuff I experienced in the house I grew up in and also through watching tv programmes like Most Haunted.

I like to think that I have evolved just as the group has and I am now an openminded sceptic. I had my eyes opened when I took part in a training weekend with ASSAP a few yearsago. The weekend was fascinating and it ignited my interest in Parapsycology.

Looking forward to chatting to like minded people!!

All the best


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Re: Hello from Bristol

Hi Wendy, welcome to the website.  Nice to have some more fellow ASSAP members here:)

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Re: Hello from Bristol

Welcome Wendy! Hope you find the site a useful resource.



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