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Hello, I'm New To This Site

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Ray Spencer
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Just wanted to say hello. I'm new to this site so it will take me a while to find my way around it, but that's always the case when you do something "new". I hope to be able to contribute on some of the topics etc. Like you I'm interested in mysterious places, ancient sites, ghostly goings on, and lots of other related stuff. So, I'm looking forward to getting involved.

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Ian Topham
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Re: Hello, I'm New To This Site

Welcome to MB Ray :)

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Re: Hello, I'm New To This Site

 Glad to be here been interested in all sorts of paranormal goings on and look forward to delving through this site .I'm especially interested in peoples experiences with ghosts,poltergeists,etc.I've had a couple myself since I was a kid which I'll tell about- the latest one though was only last year ,a late dark summer night,when my friend (ill call dumbo) who was flat mate and i used to go walks at night from bretton peterborough a couple of miles to cool off .One night we passed village of marholm and headed up woodcroft road which is on the way obviously to the castle.About half way up the road i was about ten m,s  ahead of him -it was pitch dark my mate was fiddling with his mobile could hear him mumbling and see light from his phone behind me.when i turned to try and guage road forward i was a bit taken aback by the sound-and i mean a clearly audable sound of a jogger coming towards me -i presumed this because i could hear his running feet hit gravel on the country road and even more spookily in hindsight i heard him breathing just as a jogger would.i couldnt see much but moved to the left to let him by-seemed he(sounded male) to vanish before he passed me,and he wasnt coming from behind-my friend didnt see anything.anybody else had exp, like that .sean

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The Sidhe

 any information on The Sidhe or any Historic writings on Faeries would be greatly appreciated.



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